Future and Ciara are celebrities, so naturally they are involved in lawsuits. The couple is public about their spats, airing grievances on social media that then spawn more lawsuits. But this week joint custody was awarded to the two, reports The BoomBox, despite mom’s efforts to obtain sole custody of their young son.

A defamation suit Ciara filed against Future, based on his insulting tweets and demanding $ 15 million, has yet to be resolved. He says she’s not famous enough to be defamed, a somewhat outrageous legal and factual claim about his ex made even as she sues him for his outrageous statements.

Custody Matters

This week Future Zahir Wilburn, the child of the warring celebrities, turns two years old. In her lawsuit his mother allegedly claimed that the father was not fit to care for his son because, reports TMZ, he is a bad person who is not present in his son’s life.

The logic of this argument seems flawed and it is something of a relief to see that the judge noted as much. If the father wasn’t present then how would giving the mother sole custody solve that? It wouldn’t really, which is perhaps why the parents were awarded joint care of the kid.

In any event, courts favor joint custody arrangements when possible, and this decision is reportedly typical for California. Ciara did not have anything to say about the decision when leaving the courtroom after the custody hearing.

The Futures

Maybe that’s because she is suing Future for his public comments and she’s trying to be careful. Or maybe she was just disappointed. If this case is any indication of her luck with the law and Future, the father, the future of her defamation case is not bright.

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