Drew Barrymore is getting divorced … again. This will be the actress’s third split from a husband. The guy this time is Will Kopelman, and the couple has been married since 2012.

So what can we expect from Barrymore’s third divorce? Some attorneys say not much — she’s unlikely to end up in court.

Probably a Prenup

Given Barrymore’s status as Hollywood royalty and her rough romantic past, it seems likely that she and Kopelman entered into a prenuptial agreement before they married. If that’s the case, then everything is arranged already — with respect to splitting up property — although child custody and support will likely have to be worked out.

New York divorce attorney Nancy Chemtob, who does not represent either party, told People, “I cannot imagine there was not a prenup — therefore, this case would not be in court.” Another reason the dissolution of their marriage is unlikely to spawn a battle is that, somehow, they remain the perfect family, according to People‘s unnamed source, who said, “They fundamentally agree on everything when it comes to their girls.”

That is pretty amazing for two people who could not even agree to stay married five years. But actually, for Barrymore, this marriage to Kopelman had a relatively long run. They have two children and much ado was made about their dream family while the marriage lasted. They told People magazine that the children are their universe and that this will not change.

Prior Marriages

Barrymore has two of the ten shortest celebrity marriages of recent decades. That is, her marriages make up one-fifth or 20 percent of unions that make it on short-lived marriage lists.

When she was only 19, Barrymore married Jeremy Thomas. He was a 32-year-old bar owner. They split up and filed for divorce after only 39 days.

The next time, Barrymore hooked up with someone in the entertainment business, comic Tom Green. The couple eloped. The stayed together for about six months, but after 163 days of marriage, Barrymore sought a divorce.

Lawyer to the Stars

This time, it is rumored that Barrymore has hired the divorce lawyer to the stars, Laura Wasser, known for representing Jennifer Garner in her divorce from Ben Affleck and Kim Kardashian in her split from Kris Humphries, among others. But this should be an easy case for Wasser and a dream divorce for Barrymore, considering the fact that she and Kopelman allegedly agree on everything having to do with their dream family.

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