Stories about Charlie Sheen are rarely wholesome and this one is no exception. The actor is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly abusing his ex-fiancée and stating that he would pay $ 20,000 to have her head kicked in, writes the New York Daily News.

This gem about his former porn star and ex-fiancée — Scottine Rossi, also known as Brett Rossi — arose while Sheen was reportedly speaking with a different woman confronting him about his failure to reveal that he was HIV-positive. Although an LAPD source did confirm that Sheen is being investigated for possible felony charges, representatives have warned that these are still just allegations.

Anger Barely Managed

Sheen is not known for his great anger management, of course, but he might have responded more thoughtfully to the questions he was asked and that were supposedly caught on tape. When asked why he did not honestly respond about being infected, he told his former sexual partner that she didn’t need to know (plus expletives).

Then, while discussing his former betrothed, Ross, Sheen allegedly said that she needed to be buried (plus multiple expletives). He added, “I’d rather spend 20 grand and have her head kicked in.”

The former fiancée, Ross, sued Sheen late last year after he disclosed that he was HIV-positive. She claimed assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence. She did not previously come forward about Sheen’s abuse because she was under his sway, she said.

Temporary Restraining Order

This week, however, when she heard the news of the alleged recording, Rossi immediately sought a temporary restraining order (TRO). She said she feared for her safety, but Sheen’s lawyer was dismissive in a statement.

The New York Daily News reports that lawyer Marty Singer said, “This is a publicity stunt. The TRO was obtained without notice to Charlie Sheen or his attorney. I believe it is the first time someone obtained an order based on a story in a tabloid.”

New York authorities reportedly served a search warrant on Radar Online and National Enquirer offices this week to obtain the incriminating recording. No criminal charges have been filed.

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