Thinking Out Loud: Grace Ross: Chaos around illegal foreclosures in Worcester MA, Segment 1

Grace Ross is a housing activist based in Worcester, Massachusetts who has a half-hour interview every Tuesday with David Tierney of WUML, Lowell's “Thinking Out Loud Program” This week she was in the middle of fighting an illegal foreclosure when the called in. The chaos and lawlessness she describes surrounding housing court and illegal evictions […]

Televangelist Ernest Angley, Grace Cathedral, church TV station sued for $3.6 million loan default

Pentecostal evangelist Ernest Angley's Grace Cathedral church is being sued for more than $ 3 million on a defaulted loan taken by the church's broadcasting network, according to court records. The 39-page lawsuit filed Nov. 29 in Summit County Clerk of Courts by Beck Energy Corporation Inc. names Winston Broadcasting Network Inc. and Grace Cathedral […]