Williams WNC VII WNC Scii GP SC GP v. Wells Fargo Bank

S. Jay WILLIAMS, individually and as assignee of WNC Institutional Tax Credit Fund VII, L.P., WNC Housing, L.P., and Tracy Kennedy; SCII-GP, L.L.C., as assignee of Shelter Resource Corporation, Swis Investments, Limited, and SC-GP, Incorporated; Swis Investments, Limited; Swis Community, Limited, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., doing business through its operating division Wells Fargo […]

Williams pays tax on city property

Goldsboro City Councilman Antonio Williams will avoid property foreclosure on his Center Street building after paying off years of delinquent taxes by an April 1 deadline. Williams and Akeata Moore, owners of 143 N. Center St. in downtown Goldsboro, paid off the debt several weeks early, and Wayne County's foreclosure case was canceled. Foreclosure News