Trump is considering adding 2 executives from Treasury secretary’s…

President Donald Trump is considering adding two former employees of controversial mortgage lender OneWest to his administration, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. OneWest, which was purchased under the name IndyMac by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's investment firm, has been criticized by Democrats and advocacy groups for aggressive foreclosure processes following […]

Senate poised to confirm Trump’s pick to head Treasury

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER Associated Press WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump's pick for Treasury secretary is headed toward confirmation by the Senate Monday despite complaints by Democrats that Steven Mnuchin ran a “foreclosure machine” when he headed OneWest Bank. Votes on Trump's Cabinet picks have exposed deep partisan divisions in the Republican-controlled Senate, with many of […]

Elizabeth Warren Tells Senators A Liar Shouldn’t Be Treasury Secretary

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown offered Republicans the simplest of reasons to vote against Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin on Friday – he lied. The senators were referring to written testimony Mnuchin offered about his days leading OneWest, a bank he created that used such aggressive tactics against homeowners it was dubbed a “foreclosure […]