Who We Are

The Cyrus Law Group, P.C. provides legal assistance, aggressive litigation and genuine support to individuals, families and employers facing various types of legal issues. We are dedicated to applying our knowledgeable legal guidance and client-focused services to the residents of Chicago and surrounding communities who are in need of qualified, authorized, and proven attorneys.

By focusing intently on the ultimate goals of the clients we represent, our firm has been able to accumulate a record of success and client satisfaction that has set us apart from other law firms. Our attorneys all bring a deep pool of experience and education to our firm, and they all share a common passion for helping clients navigate through various difficult legal situations.

At the Cyrus Law Group, P.C. we pride ourselves on customer service, sincere and close working relationships, and favorable results. We're not afraid to tackle even the most complex cases, and we regularly accept clients and legal issues that other firms would never dream of handling.

Legal Services

Real Estate

Real property – land, buildings, homes, and more – is most often an individual’s greatest asset, and the laws governing its use and conveyance are some of the oldest and most complex. Let the Cyrus Law Group use our comprehensive knowledge, insightful negotiation, and tenacious litigation to represent you in any real estate matter.


For many individuals and families, receiving notice that their lender is trying to foreclose on their home is overwhelming. The Cyrus Law Group has years of experience, defending over 1,000 foreclosure cases, and will investigate your case to find any errors your lender may have made on your loan and defend your home in court.

Loan Modification

Loan Modifications are an effective way to avoid going into foreclosure or to get your home out of foreclosure. The Cyrus Law Group has years of experience working directly with lenders of all sizes. We will work hard to negotiate the best loan modification possible for you and your family.

Civil Litigation

Cyrus Law Group, P.C. has years of experience representing individuals and businesses – both in the U.S. and overseas – before the Circuit Court on various civil matters. Whether you are seeking a money judgment or are being sued, you can trust the Cyrus Law Group to comprehensively represent you and your interests.

General Counsel

Great representation begins with a personal understanding of the client: their worries, their goals, and their ambitions. As General Counsel, the Cyrus Law Group provides your business a keen eye to avoid potential problems before they happen, and a partner to protect you from legal missteps as you grow toward a bigger and better future.


Contract disputes generally arise due to one party accusing the other that it failed to perform as promised. Whether a party performed according to the terms of the agreement or failed to perform is usually a highly fact-intensive question. The Cyrus Law Group has years of experience reviewing, drafting and litigating contracts.


Cyrus Law Group, P.C. prides itself on its personal attention on every case. We provide flexible appointment availability, as well as weekend hours.
Address: 943 Chicago Ave. Evanston IL 60202
Phone: +1 (847) 868-8914

    What our clients say

    • Jeanette

      “Cyrus was such great help to my company. He was able to help my company in fighting Consumer Service tickets from the City of Chicago. I was very pleased with the outcome as we were able to significantly reduce the overall cost of the fines in one court hearing. I will definitely be using his services again in the future and will also be recommending him to anyone that may need his services.” – Avvo Review


    • Jose

      “Cyrus helped me in an immigration case. He has been very helpful and available for me at any time. He is always at his office so you can go at almost any time during the day. Also, he answered any question I had through the phone or email. In addition, Cyrus is very friendly and understanding. I will recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice.” – Avvo Review


    • Michael P.

      “In a beyond difficult time requiring litigation, Cyrus has brought a sense of calm in my life knowing that he has my back, defending me like he would defend his own self. I am thoroughly pleased with his brilliance, skills, persistence, attentiveness, work ethic, accessibility, and dedication . He is always beyond prepared and communicates regularly without ever leaving me wondering or in doubt . He works efficiently and effectively all the while giving you the time, and one on one attention you need to ensure your questions are properly answered, that you receive timely updates and that you have the most effective strategy in order. I would recommend Cyrus a million times over, and insist you give him a call for any legal need.” – Avvo Review

      Michael P.

    • Adam

      “Cyrus has been very helpful in my breach of contract case over a real estate transaction – responsive, full of good advice, and fair I would say on pricing.” – Avvo Review


    • Portia

      “Attorney Khajehosseini was extremely knowledgable, professional and a pleasure to work with. He helped prepare my legal documents with ease and made my family and I feel extremely relaxed and confident with the legal services rendered.

      During the initial consultation with him, all my questions were answered. He even asked relevant questions to ensure that all my bases were covered. He was also also very patient in explaining expectations and the legal process that I would expect.

      If you’re looking for an expert in the legal field whom you can trust , I would highly recommend Mr. Khajehosseini from Cyrus Law Group for his services.” – Avvo Review


    • Nathan

      “I received a tax notice saying that my S Corp owed $90k in taxes, which was shocking because I expected to owe basically nothing.

      I expected Cyrus to call me and give me a basic description of what the documents were saying and how I should proceed to get more information on what I need to do. Instead, he called back about 5 minutes later, said that he had spoken with the Division of Revenue, and had figured out the problem.

      He walked me through exactly what I needed to do, when I needed to do it, and even sent me the links to the exact forms that I needed to fill out.

      In 15 minutes, he saved me $90k. Thanks, Cyrus!” – Avvo Review


    • Edwin

      “Cyrus is a great attorney. He is working on saving my home that is in foreclosure. I would and have recommended Cyrus. He is very good at what he does. I will keep him as my attorney for other things in the future.” – Avvo Review


    • Danny G.

      “Simply the best! The level of professionalism is unparalleled. I would suggest Cyrus Law Group for all your legal needs!” – Facebook Review

      Danny G.

    • Naomi

      “I was in a situation with my lawyer of 2.5 years for an ongoing frivolous lawsuit that was costing me over 20K for absolutely no progress, and my friends suggested searching AVVO.com for a second opinion, Cyrus answered my questions with a professionalism I didn’t know existed in lawyers We are still in progress, but I am very happy with his progress and I regret not doing this sooner!” – Avvo Review


    • Rita

      “Cyrus stands out as one of the best attorneys you will find. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped calm me when I was desperate for advice with a legal nightmare. He was able to quickly zero in on complicated details and provide trustworthy advice.” – Avvo Review