TV personality and sportscaster Erin Andrews is appearing in a different sort of production this week, a trial. Jury selection began yesterday in her civil suit against the Nashville Marriott hotels and a man who filmed her naked in 2008 using a peephole in the hotel, posting the video online, reports The Daily Mail.

In 2009, “the peeping Tom,” Michael David Barrett, pled guilty in federal criminal court to filming Andrews on three separate occasions at three different hotels. In 2011, she filed a civil suit, which is at long last making its way to trial. Here’s what has happened so far.

Who Is Responsible?

Andrews initially tried to sue Marriott International Inc., but just last month a judge dismissed the claim saying the chain was not responsible for the security at a local franchise. Now, after filing an amended complaint last October seeking $ 75 million in damages for negligent infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy, the case against individual hotels and Barrett is being heard in Nashville, Tennessee.

Williams reportedly argues in her amended complaint that Barrett got her room information from personnel at the Nashville, Tennessee Marriott. Barrett was also allowed to book a hotel room right next to hers, which he used to film her.

Andrews has previously explained the rationale behind the lawsuit, “I’ve filed this lawsuit to hold accountable those who put my personal safety at risk and who allowed my privacy to be invaded while I was a guest at their hotel, as well as for actually stalking me and making my most personal moments public.”

She said she hopes it will raise consciousness about guest safety and security generally. “Although I’ll never be able to fully erase the impact that this invasion of privacy has had upon me and my family, I do hope that my experience will cause the hospitality industry to be more vigilant in protecting its guests from the time they reserve a hotel room until they check out.”

Serious Business

In an interview last year, Andrews explained that the peeping Tom incident had a serious impact on her life and that’s he was disappointed by claims that she pursued litigation to be famous. But she is accustomed to both adoration and derision from the public.

Named America’s sexiest sportscaster by Playboy in 2009, Andrews reportedly once said, “People judge you and say, “She got her job because of her looks,” but they don’t know I was up at 2am studying and reading as much as I can about the game ahead.”

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