Madonna’s Upper East Side neighbors are upset with the pop superstar. She posted fake “no parking” signs outside her townhouse, and painted a yellow line along the curb to block people from parking there, among other violations of Department of Transportation rules.

Well, she probably didn’t do it herself — based on what neighbors say, it seems likely the star’s staff took action on her behalf. They’re apparently accustomed to directing foot and automobile traffic around the building so that Madonna can exit the garage unnoticed. Her neighbors complain that the star behaves outrageously and reportedly like to joke to each other that she plays her song, “Bi–h I’m Madonna” while driving by them laughing.

Neighbor Woes

That may be an exaggeration — she probably doesn’t play her own songs all the time. But Madonna is taking liberties. In addition to putting up a no parking sign and a tenant-only parking sign without city approval,she also had the words No Parking etched on the sidewalk outside her $ 40 million home.

Given her international icon stature, the neighbors assumed that Madonna was just doing whatever it is stars do and that special rules applied to her. She paid more for her apartment than any home in the neighborhood has ever cost, so they may also have been glad that she was improving their already-posh area.

But soon they started getting annoyed. ”What has angered us the very most is that when she leaves one of her staff literally walks into the street and stops cars and pedestrians from passing,” one neighbor told The Daily Mail. “It’s really quite obnoxious.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation has ordered the celebrity to take downs the signs or risk a $ 250 fine. Madonna has been issued a letter of defacement for her illegal additions to the neighborhood and has 30 days to respond.

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