Hip-Hop recording artist, Meek Mill, also known as pop diva Nicky Minaj’s beau, posted on Instagram about his probation violation. He was convicted for a gun charge in 2009 and has been incarcerated for violations since. He is in court now, according to TMZ. pleading for his freedom and invoking Nicky Minaj’s name, saying she will not marry a criminal or a bum.

The story got started with the rapper’s own social media musings. Accompanied by an image that read, “Prayers go up, blessings come down,” Meek Mill wrote, “I’m actually fighting for my life and freedom. Something I’ve been going thru from a case I caught at 19 years old and been on probation since … I am 28 now.” The probationary term he allegedly violated was leaving Philadelphia without permission.

What Is a Probation Violation?

Probation is an alternative sentence — instead of going to prison, a person lives under restricted conditions and is monitored by a probation officer serving as an arm of the court. Failure to comply with probation terms can mean jail or prison.

But probation violations must be proven in court. Although the standard of proof is lower than that of conviction, there is a process that probation officers must follow to trigger a violation, which results in a hearing. In the worst cases, probation is permanently revoked and incarceration follows.

Anything Is Possible

Meek Mill, perhaps unsurprisingly, has much to say as he faces the possibility of incarceration and time away from the spotlight and social networks. He wrote on Instagram, “It’s funny to see people on the internet laughing and joking about me and my family going thru these things, it’s just shows me where the world is at nowadays!”

He seems intent, however, on remaining positive in the face of adversity and a cruel world, writing, “If this is my last post know I will continue to remain strong and grow to b a better man and set a example for every minority with a dream that anything is possible!”

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