Sarah Palin is not a lawyer but she might soon play one on TV. Specifically, she has signed a deal to preside over a courtroom on a new arbitration entertainment show that has not yet been made or sold but is expected to appear next year, in the fall of 2017.

Unlike her TV judge predecessors — most famously, Judge Joseph Wapner and Judge Judy Sheindlin — Sarah Palin did not attend law school or pass the bar exam, so she cannot be a judge in real life. But Palin has got something else. She is telegenic and has “common sense wisdom,” a source close to the deal between Palin and the production company, Warm Springs, told People.

The TV Judges

Judge Joseph Wapner, whose show, The People’s Court, turned arbitration into American entertainment, and Judge Judy, who is now the reigning queen of judgment on TV, were both judges in actual courtrooms prior to their turns in television production. Palin does not have this experience but she is no stranger to judgment or the people.

Palin was the governor of Alaska — the first woman and the youngest person elected to the office in the state — but she resigned the office before the end of her term. The former nominee for VP on John McCain’s failed bid for the 2008 presidential election, Palin was in the national spotlight and grew accustomed to a lot of attention and television cameras.

“Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project,” People’s source said. The production company Warm Springs reportedly first approached Palin with plans for her to star in a television arbitration show last year.

The team tasked with getting this show on the road reportedly includes the TV executive who found other relevant talent, like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. According to People’s source, the process is as follows — a pilot will be made and pitched and the show is expected to air by the fall of 2017.

Palin Back in Alaska

Sarah Palin has not commented on the production plans yet, and the television show has not yet been sold. Right now Palin is reportedly at home in Alaska taking care of her husband, who is recovering from a serious snow machine accident that occurred earlier this month.

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