Recording artist Brandy has terminated her contract and is suing her label, Chameleon Entertainment, for $ 1 million dollars. She claims she’s being thwarted — not allowed to record or release music — and bullied into signing a “terrible deal,” according to Courthouse News Service.

The singer, known in court as Brandy Norwood, argues that the label breached its contract with her by refusing to let her work. This effort to force her to sign another inferior deal with Epic Records benefits Breyon Prescott, Chameleon’s owner and CEO who also works for Epic, by allowing him to double dip, she says. The pop star wants compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged bullying tactics.

The Plaintiff’s Complaints

Brandy says that Prescott seeks to profit from her work twice as much by requiring that she sign with Epic Records. Due to his association with Epic, a deal that works for both Epic and Chameleon is double good for the Chameleon Entertainment CEO, Prescott.

By refusing to record or release Brandy’s work, Prescott and his label Chameleon breached their contract with her. As such, the singer terminated the “terrible deal” and sued.

“Prescott owns and operates defendant Chameleon and is employed full time by Epic Records and head of urban A&R,” the complaint states. “The new recording and distribution deal that he is trying to force Norwood to sign is with Epic, which allows him to ‘double dip’: if Prescott can force Norwood to sign the new deal, he will profit both as an owner of Chameleon and through bonuses and other benefits he will get from Epic.”

Grounds for Termination

Prescott and the defendants are motivated only by greed, Brandy claims. His move is “a blatantly unlawful attempt to bully Norwood into signing a new recording and distribution agreement containing terms far worse than her current agreement.”

In view of this, the complaint states that Brandy has “every right to terminate, and has now terminated, her recording contract with defendants.” Reportedly she feels trapped, arguing that the defendants have made it clear that unless she capitulates her songs will not be recorded or heard by the world.

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