Every week there seems to be another celebrity announcing a new canna-biz. The latest is pop goddess Rihanna, whose love of weed has apparently been long-documented on her Instagram account, reports Pop Crush.

She allegedly announced the forthcoming “Marihanna” brand marijuana at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica. But neither Rihanna, nor her people, have confirmed the reports since then.

This Is Personal

Marijuana cultivation and sales make for a promising investment, particularly for people who have promoted the product before it was legal … and before they had a commercial interest. Last week, Snoop Dogg announced his new marijuana product business, Leafs by Snoop (just as Apple announced that Beats by Dre, which Snoop was spoofing, was being shut down).

Snoop is already deeply invested in different aspects of the legal marijuana business, selling flowers and concentrates, funding a medical marijuana delivery company, and even a special sealing baggie for weed. But he has been promoting the smoking of marijuana in his songs long before it was legal in Colorado … or anywhere else.

Likewise, Willie Nelson, who has not made his love of cannabis a secret over the years, also announced his own weed brand called Willie’s Reserve. Both Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been arrested for marijuana possession. In fact, they have even both been arrested for the crime in the same small Texas town.

Karribean Kush and Haitian Haze

Although the future of Marihanna has not been confirmed by the singer’s camp, reportedly the types of strains Rihanna will get behind are known to the publication Celeb Stoner (which first reported this story). In keeping with her own Caribbean background, she will reportedly be selling Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze, and Jamaican High Grade in states where the sale of marijuana is legal.

Rihanna is also selling socks and perfume and has a styling company. Fans await a new album but when it will be released is not known.

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